Early Childhood Continuing
Education Training

Learn to Connect in the Classroom or at Home

PALS has over 20 years of experience helping educators, parents and families develop healthy approaches in learning. PALS can help you develop the tools and expertise you need to take back and apply in your classroom. Attending one of our workshops will earn you 6 credit hours.

See below for our upcoming Early Childhood Continuing Education Training workshops and the topics we will cover.

Early Childhood Training

June 11, 2022


Coming Soon

Registration Fee

$35.00 per person


  • Coming Soon

Creativity in Our Centers
Early Childhood Training

July 16, 2022


Weimar United Church
Fellowship Hall
403 W. Main St
Weimar, TX 78962

Registration Fee

$40.00 per person
includes light lunch


  •  Lesson Planning for Our Classroom
  • What Should We Include in Our Classroom
  • Make-N-Take (we will have stations in the afternoon part of training)
  • Speech/Language