We provide childcare educator trainings


in office learning sessions for children

Childcare Education Trainings & Consulting

In Office Services

physical & academic learning services


Early Childhood Training

PALS has over 20 years years of experience helping educators, parents, and families develop healthy approaches in learning.

Directors Training

We provide Daycare/Preschool director and administration trainings taught by therapists and educators from the pediatric realm.

Online Training

Enroll in online courses taught by our licensed Doctor of Occupational Therapy.

Fall / Winter Programs

We have a weekly social skills group for boys and girls. PALS also offers academic coaching - support for children with learning disabilities.

Upcoming Events

April 19, 2022

Directors Training
6:15 pm - 8:15 pm
Martha Bludau Day Care
310 N Promenade St
Hallettsville, TX 77964

June 11, 2022

Early Childhood Continuing Education Training
More Information Coming Soon

July 16, 2022

Early Childhood Continuing Education Training
Weimar United Church
Fellowship Hall
403 W Main St
Weimar, TX 78962