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August 1- September 4, 2018




1370 Frelsburg Rd

Alleyton, TX 78935

We would like to say a BIG thank you to our host

Solid Rock Christian Center of Learning, Inc

Early Childhood Continuing Education Training

September 8, 2018

8:30 am - 12:30 pm


St Peters Lutheran Church

(Fellowship Hall)

100 N Promenade St

Hallettsville, TX 77964


Classroom Management

Ways to Help Relieve Stress

Lesson Planning

(Show How Books Can Cross All Aspects)

Supervision Inside Classroom & Outside

***See below the competencies***

Core Competencies


1.1 Child Development: Domains, Stages and Milestones

1.2 Typical And Atypical Development

1.5 Development Through Play

2.3 Development Through Play

2.4 Scaffolding and Communication-Based Strategies:

Supporting Cognitive and Language Development

3.1 Planning Framework: Environmental Design, Equipment, Materials, Routines, Schedules and Learning Formants

3.2 Curriculum and Standards

4.2 Language and Communication: Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary

4.3 Emergent Literacy: Reading and Writing

4.4 Mathematics

4.6 Social Studies

4.7 Creativity and Fine Arts

4.9 Physical Development

5.1 Observation, Assessment and Documentation

8.1 Knowledge of Regulations

8.3 Environmental Safety

9.1 Ethical Standard and Professional Guidelines

9.3 Professional Development Outlook

9.5 Advancing the Status of Children and Families


2.3 Facilities

3.1 Personal and Professional Awareness

3.2 Human Relationships

3.3 Leadership and Support

4.1 Knowledge and Enforcement of Regulations

4.3 Safety

5.1 Curriculum Design

5.2 Teaching Practices

5.3 Child Assessment

5.4 Learning Environment

​5.5 Environmental Assessment

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